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In 1892, a fellow named B.L. Singley began The Keystone View Co. in Meadville, Pa.  By the 1920's it had become the largest publisher of stereographs that illustrated, among other things, Native American people. 

We happened upon several of these old glass slides, and present them here only because of historic interest.  While the quality isn't that great, we hope that you enjoy these old classics.  The descriptors indicate the Keystone View Company slide identifier and the description that accompanies the slide.

slide 01.jpg (81340 bytes)

H4 - A Hopi Squaw Coiling Clay into Pottery, Oraibi, Ariz.

slide 02.jpg (120293 bytes)

P255 - Indian Fur Camp on the Plains.

slide 03.jpg (80477 bytes)

P257 - Old Navajo Indian Woman Making Rug on a Primitive Loom.

slide 04.jpg (78786 bytes)

188 - Blackfeet Indians Preparing for Medicine Lodge Ceremony, Glacer National Park, Mont.

slide 05.jpg (81293 bytes)

189 - Herd of American Bison, Mont.

slide 06.jpg (61396 bytes)

H155 - Custer's Grave, Montana

slide 07.jpg (214929 bytes)

P249 - Indian Pueblo, New Mexico.

slide 08.jpg (70101 bytes)

P256 - Navajo Indian Home on the Desert.

slide 10.jpg (79165 bytes)

H3 - An Indian Pueblo, Hopi Reservation, Arizona.

slide 11.jpg (136013 bytes)

211 - Pueblo of the Taos Indians, Taos, New Mexico.