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Almost every time I visit Native American country, I discover something totally new.


Tom's Discovery - The Other Side

Tom clamored, "What is that? Over there! Looks like we have found ourselves a ruin."

Well, I didn't see a thing, but aimed my camera to the spot that Tom pointed out. Seems Tom had found an ancient spot that was protected by a time bubble. The ruin was on the other side. I couldn't see it, for sure. But Tom did. And so did the camera, it seems.


The Written Word

The written word is found throughout Southwest Native America. The Ancient Ones recorded for all time the journeys from emergence to ancient home land. This one was written some time after contact with Europeans, as the horse suggests.




The Navajo People are known for their humor and for their story telling. Stanley is no exception as he relates stories that have been handed down through generations.