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This Native American Images gallery is intended to be a special place for you.  It includes fifty images created by NAI editor Joe Zeller. 

Why do we say it is special?  For two reasons.  First it will take you through many images of Native American places.  From ancient cliff homes and blistering white sand, to relatively new missions (only 400 years old, or so) that came along with the Franciscan Fathers and the Spanish.  Expedition takes you to places from Mesa Verde, in Colorado, to Gila Cliffs hundreds of miles to the south.  Expedition will  give you the chance to see the influence of the Spanish by visiting the massive old mission churches that were built to convert Native American people to Christianity, and the simple mission at Chimayo that is revered today by Spanish and Native American people alike.  You will see a Pueblo Kiva nestled next to a massive and magnificent Catholic mission.

Secondly you will see, as you click on one of the fifty thumbnails, that an oversized image will appear on your screen.  We did this for a reason.  The panoramic land, the expansive ruins and the powerful mission churches are diminished if they are sized to a small image.  Native American Images would like to give you the opportunity to experience what you would feel if you were visiting the sites yourself. 

The sites are much larger than a simple photograph.  Our oversized images give you the opportunity to virtually experience their size, scope and powerful beauty by using your scroll bars to go from the blue sky, through the forest, to the bottom of a deep canyon. 

To give you an idea of what you will experience in Expedition click on the image of the Santuario de Chimayo above where you will get a true feeling of the beauty of this simple place.

We hope that you will get a sense and appreciation of the immensity, harshness and beauty of Native American lands in the Southwest as you visit Expeditions.  The places that The People call home.

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