Herman H. Boelter

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Homer H. Boelter
1899 - 1977

Born in Minnesota on Feb. 9, 1899. Boelter moved to Los Angeles in 1921. For 37 years he operated the Boelter Lithography Company. He died there on Jan. 19, 1977.

Boelter was a skilled wood engraver and a master of lithographic processes.  Over the years, Boelter became well acquainted with the culture and artistic talent of the Hopi people.    While he was a leading book designer of volumes of Western lore, his connection to the Hopi led him to the creation of his Portfolio of Hopi Kachinas.  The portfolio, limited to 1,000 copies, was published in 1969.  The folio consisted of  64 pages of text, sixteen color plates, plus an extra suite of plates in a separate portfolio, packaged in a fine slipcase and signed by Boelter.

Today, Volume #669 of the rare portfolio is in the Archive Collection of River Trading Post.  Each of the 16 plates is shown below

Plate 1 - Ahulani

Plate 2 - Mastop

Plate 3 - Ahul

Plate 4 - Tumas

Plate 5 - Tungwup

Plate 6 - Powamui

Plate 7 - Nata-aska

Plate 8 - Talavai

Plate 9 - Eototo - Ahol

Plate 10 - Koshare

Plate 11 - A'Hote

Plate 12 - Ang-ak-china

Plate 13 - Ang-chin mana

Plate 14 - Mongwa

Plate 14 - Polik Mana

Plate 16 - Humis