Blackfeet, Bears and Missions

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The June air has a sharp chill. Dynamite blasts the higher mountain passes to clear hard-clogged snow, packed  over 10 feet deep.  This is Blackfeet Country.

Wild huckleberries find their way into everything from shampoo to cream soda and ice cream... to beer and flapjacks.

Unlike the People of the Southwest, where the Navajo and the Pueblo people thrive in communities and nations rich in ancient culture, the people of the high plains saw much of their cultures shattered as a result of the Dawes Act (1887). That government policy allotted property amongst nearly all comers. And the newcomers displaced most of the Native people.  Most of the towns and settlements today are much like any other, anywhere in the United States.  One exception is Browning, Montana.  While Browning  still is much like any small U.S. town, the Blackfeet culture clearly is evident.

Despite the Dawes Act, the Blackfeet culture do the cultures of their Salish neighbors.  The beat goes on.

Our images are oversized, so that you can imagine the largeness of the Blackfeet world.  Click on any image to see what we mean.

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