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From the archives of River Trading Post, we offer several short videos that we believe you will enjoy that portray the essence of Native America in times past as well as today.  Just click on the image to view the video in a Windows Media Viewer format.


Images by Mary Jane Coulter

03a.jpg (30339 bytes)Here we see a series of images created by architect Mary Elizabeth Jane Coulter, who not only was fascinated by Southwest Native American Culture, but designed Hopi House at the Grand Canyon.

Also included are photos taken for the Department of Interior for purposes of 
documenting "Indian life."

Harmon Percy Marble

28.jpg (55403 bytes)Harmon Percy Marble extensively documented Native America.  The Indian Agent was born in 1870 and entered Government Indian Service in 1911.  Until he retired in 1926, Marble was assigned to many reservations in the Plains and Southwest areas.  While his images lack some of the quality of others, his possibly is the most honest portrayal of actual Native American life at the time.

Old Way and New09ab.jpg (866106 bytes)

This short clip is a collage of historic images along with some of our own.  While it contrasts history with today, we are constantly amazed at the wonderful way our Indian friends have preserved the old ways while adapting to the larger culture around them.

Picture Postcards

During the 1950's and 1960's tourists flocked to Indian Country, and sent postcards with Indian pictures back home to friends.  Some of the postcard images actually were quite good, and a collection of many postcards paints a nice picture of Native American culture of the time.  Enjoy this short video.

Ryon Polequaptewa Tells Us About Five Hopi Kachinas

Ryon Polequaptewa is one of our favorite carvers.  He is a traditional Hopi that shares his culture with all of us in the spirit of teaching.  In this very special River Trading Post podcast, Ryon describes the meaning of several Kachina spirits that have been with us since before that day in 1492.

Visit a Contemporary Trading Post
02.JPG (312917 bytes)
While this site is not commercial, and we intend to keep it that way, we thought you might like to see what a contemporary trading post looks like.

This is a short tour of three of the River Trading Posts, along with the sights and sounds of these places.  You will get to see many of the Native American artists that sell their work to River Trading Post...people that are keeping age old traditions alive and vibrant today.