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The high plains of Washington, Idaho, Montana and Alberta are home to the Blackfeet (Peigan) people, and others.  This is a land of hulky mountains and crystal, chilling water; a land where the bison and the bear and the people manage to exist with modern society.  It is country where the mountains seem to grow out of the tall prairie grass.

Dominating this area of many peoples, including the Flathead and the Kooteni, is a place that George Bird Grinell (co-founder of the Audubon Society) dubbed the "Crown of the Continent" back in 1908.  There is a place up here in the mountains where a drop of rain, depending on  where it splashes down, will become a part of the Columbia, Mississippi, or Saskatchewan river system.

In 1910, this home of the Blackfeet people  became Glacier National Park.

This short photo essay will give you some insights into the lands of the Blackfeet people today, and that of their neighbors to the east...the Flathead people and the Couer D'Alene.

Enjoy the views of the lands that many call home.


Blackfeet, Bears and Missions Portfolio